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  • Outdoor dining

    You can enjoy a beer on our outdoor patio without the requirement of a food purchase. The maximum party size is 6 people from up to 3 different households. A reservation is required and your visit is limited to 90 minutes. We greatly appreciate your support and wish to give everyone the opportunity to have a cold one.

    Indoor dining

    You may also have a beer inside without a food purchase. The maximum party size is 6 people, all from the same household. Reservations are required and your visit is limited to 90 minutes. We are so thankful for all of the support from our patrons and wish to accommodate all that want to raise a glass with us.

    Click here to make a reservation

    Help Keep Our Community Safe

    Per health guidelines, we ask that you comply with the mask mandate. A face mask is required upon entry and at all times that you are not seated, eating or drinking. Please wear your mask when making a trip to the restroom or throwing away any food containers and cups. You must be seated when eating and drinking. We kindly ask that you do not mingle with any other parties for the safety of everyone.

    Ordering Protocols

    For your safety and convenience you have the option to order straight from our phone. You may access both our up to date tap list, as well as our vendor’s food menu. Our staff is happy to walk you through the process if it’s your first time using this feature. Please note: using this service is not required. We are also happy to open a tab through our POS system if you have any issues or are not comfortable placing the order yourself.

    Covid Guidelines


    Happy to be open and serving you again!

    Watch this quick little video to see the covid restrictions that we're following at Angry Horse 

    *Note - Food is no longer required for purchase of alcohol.